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XpressWest will serve as a catalyst for the high speed rail industry in the U.S. With this new industry the public benefits will be abundant. The construction and operation of XpressWest will create substantial quantifiable net benefits to the public including creation of jobs, reduction of harmful emissions, reduction of fossil fuel usage, increase in public safety, and encouragement of economic development in an economically depressed region.

Interrior SeatingAs Las Vegas has grown into an international tourist and business convention destination, demand for travel between Southern California and Las Vegas has substantially increased. Approximately 90% percent of visitors from Southern California drive on I- 15, the only highway connecting Southern California with Las Vegas. Over the last decade, the trip on the I-15 has become a time-consuming, stressful, and congested travel experience.

XpressWest will allow passengers to bypass traffic, moving at speeds in exess of 150 mph non-stop between Victorville, California and Las Vegas, Nevada in approximately 80 minutes versus an average highway drive time without traffic of approximately 3 hours. Today’s automobile or bus travel options can take over 4 four hours during peak travel times, and far longer with any accidents or other delays. XpressWest will provide a better, cleaner, safer, and faster alternative to driving, and an unparalleled transportation experience.

For air passengers, the monetary savings are substantial. One-way walk-up fares for air travel from any of the six major Southern California airlines average approximately $250 for a round trip ticket and can be as much as $50026. In addition, the check-in process for high speed rail service is faster, easier, and less stressful than airport check-in and security procedures.

XpressWest is expected to produce the following public benefits:

Create a New Industry

XpressWest will promote high speed rail development in the U.S. and enhance international competitiveness of U.S. companies.

Create Jobs

XpressWest will create over 80,000 direct and indirect construction-related jobs

Increase Economic Output

XpressWest will produce an estimated economic output of $7.8 billion

Reduce Emissions

Fully electric operations will reduce pollutant emissions in the I-15 Corridor by 40%

Reduce Oil Dependence

XpressWest is projected to save an estimated 440,000 barrels of oil per year.

Reduce Energy Consumption

XpressWest would result in a net annual energy consumption reduction of an estimated 2.4 million MMBTU(s).

Reduce Traffic Congestion / Increase capacity for Goods Movement

XpressWest will divert over 2 million annual automobile trips from the I-15.

Increase Public Safety

XpressWest will reduce traffic-related fatalities and accidents on the I-15.

Enhance U.S. Infrastructure and Regional Connectivity

As a new mode of transportation, XpressWest will increase public mobility. An extension to Metrolink and the California HSR project will greatly enhance travel within the Southern California-Las Vegas Corridor.

Increase Tax Revenues

Increase tax revenue from ticket sales tax, property tax, and additional sales tax from incremental travel and economic activity.

26, September 16, 2015 $246 one-way fare for Business Select from LAX to LAS.

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