Economic ImpactCountries around the world have proven the benefits of high speed rail and invested heavily in its development and implementation. High Speed Rail will promote international investment in American infrastructure and energize domestic investment in our own economy. XpressWest will provide an opportunity to strengthen American competitiveness and expertise in high speed rail construction and operation.

XpressWest will generate major economic benefits, regionally and across the United States, during both the construction and operations phases. Construction of XpressWest will create direct jobs and provide a substantial indirect economic benefit through the supply of material and component orders placed with U.S. companies and the “economic multiplier” affect associated with large-scale infrastructure construction projects. Most of the construction will be performed by workers hired and trained locally.

California’s and Nevada’s unemployment rates are currently at elevated levels. Unemployment during the recession has disproportionately impacted certain demographics, specifically members of the middle class, particularly males in technical and construction occupations without college degrees. XpressWest’s construction activities will offer skilled employment opportunities, at competitive wages and benefits, to tens of thousands of the most impacted middle class households currently struggling to get by as the national and regional economies slowly recover.

During the operations phase, there will be a wide range of high quality permanent employment positions directly with the operating and maintenance companies. These employment opportunities include positions in customer service and reservations work, train crew and onboard food service, operations control, train, electronic, and power distribution system maintenance, Station, facility, and right-of-way maintenance, security, cleaning, and parking service and management. Indirectly, employment positions are likely to be created or enhanced through the establishment of feeder bus and van services, new or expanded retail or food services in or near the Stations, and in supply of the consumable goods required on an ongoing basis for operations and maintenance.

XW has been in and will continue its discussions with a number of local and national labor organizations who are ready to provide resources to the Project and expressed their support. The construction and operations budgets are being developed in contemplation of execution of a Project Labor Agreement, a commitment to pay prevailing wage rates.


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