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XpressWest is designed as a viable stand-alone project with a sound business case and significant public benefit. A private infrastructure project of this size and scope serving the public must be considered in the context of national transportation policy objectives. Connectivity of systems, cities and people is essential to the regional mobility that creates more livable communities. To promote the Government’s goal of a national high speed rail network starting with regional connectivity, XpressWest has identified proven-off-the shelf technologies and infrastructure enabling future inter-operability with other high speed rail networks.

An extension of XpressWest over the High Desert Corridor to Palmdale, 60 miles west of Victorville, provides for a cross platform connection to the Metrolink commuter rail system with station stops throughout Southern California. Fully interoperable high speed service would be achieved over the California high speed rail project or upgraded Metrolink system. The Final EIR/EIS for the High Desert Corridor, which includes high speed rail between Victorville and Palmdale, is scheduled to be released in July, 2016 with a Record of Decision in Fall of 2016.

To determine the forecasted ridership and revenue of such a connection, the High Desert Corridor Joint Powers Authority, the LA County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, San Bernardino County Transportation Commission, California High Speed Rail Authority, and XpressWest are jointly funding an investment grade ridership and revenue study for high speed rail service between Anaheim and Las Vegas.

The ridership study will analyze implementation of an HSR system in the following segments and phases: 1) Las Vegas, Nevada to Victorville, California over approximately 188 miles, with the majority of the route lying within the existing Interstate 15 freeway (I-15) right-of-way corridor; 2) an approximately 60-mile extension of the XpressWest route connecting Victorville, California to Palmdale, California over the High Desert Multi-Purpose Corridor (currently being developed by the HDCJPA) providing for a one-seat high-speed ride linking Las Vegas-Victorville-Palmdale, with transfer to the existing Metrolink services on the Antelope Valley Line or auto access with parking facilities at Palmdale; 3) one-seat high-speed ride between Las Vegas and Burbank, using new CAHSR infrastructure from Palmdale (with intermediate stops at Victorville and Palmdale); and 4) one-seat high-speed ride between Las Vegas and Los Angeles Union Station / Anaheim Station using new CAHSR infrastructure from Palmdale (with intermediate stops at Victorville, Palmdale and Burbank).

To facilitate the coordination necessary for the phased development of such a system, XpressWest has executed cooperative agreements with the California High Speed Rail Authority, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the High Desert Corridor Joint Powers Authority, and Metrolink.

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