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XpressWest is a Federally approved and licensed high speed passenger railroad. XpressWest will provide a reliable, sustainable, efficient, and safe mobility alternative to driving on the I-15 and link Las Vegas to Southern California. Since 2005, XpressWest has been working with the Federal Railroad Administration, Surface Transportation Board, Bureau of Land Management, Federal Highway Administration, State of Nevada, State of California and other local and state agencies to develop the project.

XpressWest will initially be built on exclusive, new double track over approximately 185 miles between Southern California and Las Vegas. Built primarily within or adjacent to the I-15 freeway, XpressWest will have no at-grade crossings with vehicle or pedestrian traffic.

XpressWest will utilize fully electric, next generation train rolling stock capable of speeds in excess of 150 MPH that will deliver passengers to Las Vegas in 80 minutes with non-stop service every 20 minutes during peak times and up to every 12 minutes as demand requires.

With an average round trip fare of $89, XpressWest will generate enough revenue to pay for its own operating and capital costs.

The High Desert Multi-Purpose corridor between Victorville, CA and Palmdale, CA 60 miles to the west is currently in the final stages of environmental clearance with the stated purpose and need to provide high speed rail connectivity between the planned California High Speed Rail project with a planned station in Palmdale and XpressWest with its station in Victorville, CA. An extension of XpressWest to Palmdale will provide an immediate cross-platform connection to the existing Metrolink commuter rail system with service into Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, Ventura and San Bernardino counties. The High Desert Corridor Joint Powers Authority (comprising San Bernardino County, Los Angeles County, City of Adelanto, City of Hesperia, City of Palmdale, and City of Victorville) passed two resolutions of support for XpressWest and high speed connectivity to Palmdale.

The XpressWest project was identified as a strategic plan project in the Southern California Association of Governments’ 2035 Regional Transportation Plan.

In June, 2015 the State of Nevada created the Nevada High Speed Rail Authority with the mission to support the high speed rail connection between Southern California and Nevada.

A Federally Approved Project

Through extensive collaboration and coordination with the Federal Railroad Administration, Federal Highway Administration, the Surface Transportation Board, Caltrans, Nevada DOT, US Department of Fish and Wildlife, California Department of Fish and Game, US Army Corps of Engineers, National Park Service, the Environmental Protection Agency XpressWest is environmentally cleared and federally approved for construction and operation within the I-15 freeway corridor. Specifically:

Southern California Freeways Feed the Victorville Station While Palmdale will connect to the Existing Rail Infrastructure

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XpressWest strategically selected Victorville, California as the optimal location for the initial Southern California Station. It is located within a 30 to 45 minute drive of roughly 4-5 million people who live in the Inland Empire, and eastern Los Angeles County, and roughly an hour and a half drive from most of Southern California’s remaining 17-18 million residents.6

All east/west freeways serving the Southern California basin merge with the I-15 south of Victorville, requiring all drivers originating in Southern California to pass through Victorville en-route to Las Vegas. This makes Victorville the natural collection point for east-bound Southern California travelers.

XpressWest will use proven steel wheel-on-rail high speed electric trains to travel on 185 miles of exclusive tracks at speeds in excess of 150 mph.

An extension of the system 60 miles to the west will provide rail connectivity to the existing Metrolink commuter rail system with service into Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, Ventura and San Bernardino counties in advance of a direct high speed rail connection to Burbank and Los Angeles Union Station.

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World Class Stations

The XpressWest Stations are designed as world class, state of the art facilities to include the following features:

The Las Vegas Station will be located within the resort corridor and will be a major inter-modal facility with similar transportation services to that of McCarran International Airport, including access to taxis, busses, shuttles, and limousines.

the DesertXpress Station

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