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Using the very latest advances in high speed rail technology already in use around the world, the XpressWest system uses energy-efficient, highly reliable, self-propelled, all electric multiple unit (EMU) trains. XpressWest employs state-of-the-art high speed rail technology for all aspects of the system, including the trains themselves, the train control and communications systems, and the electrification system.

Elegant in both form and function, XpressWest will transport riders in style and comfort. Complete with concierge services, baggage service and hotel check-in, the world-class customer experience will begin at the Victorville station. Alleviating the aggravation of gridlock on the I-15, without the typical hassles of long security lines and erratic timetables of air travel, XpressWest offers a fast, convenient way to travel. Trains will run every 20 minutes on peak and up to every 12 minutes as demand requires. 

XpressWest will also promote new U.S. technology and manufacturing of high speed rail vehicles and systems. Currently, in the absence of a U.S. high speed rail network, there is little or no onshore high speed rail vehicle manufacturing capability. DXE, and applicable governmental agencies, will need to carefully evaluate cost implications and feasibility of onshore manufacture as well as the net Project benefits realized from onshore vehicle procurement.  DXE, through its procurement activities, intends to incentivize to the highest degree feasible development of the U.S. industrial base through means such as technology transfer, and domestic sourcing and content.


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